Momentum Killing Migraine

This year I’ve done a marvelous job of hitting my word goal most months.

So far, for the year, I’ve written 338,506 words as of yesterday. I know I can do it. My goal of 500,000 by the end of December is completely doable.

This blog though… I mentioned earlier that I have OCD/anxiety and a tendency for depression. Also in this fun mix are migraines. With some diet and behavior modification, I’ve managed to fix most of them. The ones that do sneak through now are not the debilitating monsters they used to be, now they’re just annoying and painful enough to kill any and all motivation to work.

I can still take care of the EM (Entropy Machine, or my almost 2 year old) although the amount of tv watched is completely out of control and the food situation is sketchy. Today it’s a slice of ham, a slice of turkey, TropicO’s, chips, applesauce and a banana. I love food and usually it’s something much more interesting.

I know this is going to be the least interesting blog post ever, but I just need to get it written, because I am scared of getting into bad habits. I’ve seen it enough places and enough times and from enough people I respect in publishing that authors need blogs. I was planning on writing and scheduling my review of Fifty Shades of the Temple of Doom (it was no Godfather 2 or Return of the Jedi. See what I did there?) and my brain just wouldn’t go for it. Partly because that book was so dreadful in so many ways and partly because my brain is checked out. Once my brain gets happy again, I’ll chuck a couple posts in the bank to save us all the awkwardness of another one of these. But for the meantime, be well in your adventures. I see what you did there Fry meme

And I have no idea where I picked up the Fry meme picture. Group text conversations between my family usually just devolve into gif discussions and we shamelessly steal from each other.

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