An Airing of Sins

I still don’t know what Paulie looks like. I got wrapped up in my current WIP and have been having too much fun with their flirting and falling in love to spare much thought to Paulie. BUT! I think I’m getting closer.

I have also found a graphic designer for the cover of Just For Kicks and will be having a long discussion with her tomorrow about the ins and outs. This is getting really real.

I’m not sure what kind of cover art I want. I thought I’d just look through the romance novel cover stock photos to find the one and none of them are blowing my hair back. I think I need to get pictures taken of a pair of Converse All Stars. But, they have to be new. And teal. So I guess that also means I get to go shoe shopping. And, an excited little part of my brain is going “Hey! You can write this off on your taxes too!!!”

In any case, I am fighting the procrastination bug. Whenever things get hard, procrastinate away. I’m feeling some anxiety and some squeeze. The end of next month is not far away. I’m fighting the good fight. Once I know what Paulie looks like, there will be jubilation! And I think that will be tomorrow. I’ve scheduled in some jubilation. And that pleases me greatly.

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