Big, Scary Things

I still have this lingering idea that art should be some wonderful, pure thing. (If you can call romance novels art, of course 😀 ) It shouldn’t be driven by money, shouldn’t be driven by anything but the desire to make art, to add something beautiful to the world.

But… that’s not real life.

I’m working through the business side of things today. I realize I need to go get a PO Box, I’m filling out forms, checking boxes, scratching items off checklists. If this is going to be my job, I need to do this part too.

Once I get my PO Box tomorrow, I’m going to finish filling out my copyright form, then we’ll see how much fun that process is. I asked my husband if he’d be my business manager and he wisely said no.

In any case, this odds and ends business has given me the most anxiety. Just for Kicks has been read by several people and they all liked it. Now I just need to finish getting the pipeline laid. If I could just spirit my story out into the world, I would, but… *sigh*

Amanda Palmer’s piece in the Guardian helped push me into this new frame of mind as well.

Amanda Palmer has actually been a big inspiration to me lately. This song really keeps me going when I’m having a rough time feeling ok in my skin. Sometimes it’s easy to forget. Anyway, I’ll leave you with this.

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