I’m getting so excited to release my next chapter of The Reluctant Veterinarian! At first I was thinking Tuesdays and Saturdays were too far apart, but it’s about perfect for me to finish revising, then entering my changes.

Sometimes I wonder if my editing process needs to be revamped. A big, unwieldy stack of manuscript. Invariably with help from my Entropy Machine.

As I was in the later revisions of LuLo, I would read it in my Kindle app, make notes, then change it later. But, that was only for a few changes here and there. For these first go throughs (goes through?) I change so very much.

Anyway. I’m feeling excited and thinking about my revision process. I have to admit, the feeling of holding a big stack of paper with your story on it is such a good one. A freshly printed manuscript, without any coffee stains or toddler art.

I can’t believe how excited I am for the holidays to be over so I can get back to work. My little introverted writer’s heart is ready for the quiet of my desk and lamp and glass of whisky.

In any case, the next installment of The Reluctant Veterinarian comes out tomorrow!

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