On Boredom

So, I’m a bit of a self-help/motivational speaker junkie. I’ve been following Tim Ferriss pretty close for the last couple months and listening to his podcast.

He was talking with Tony Robbins (worth a listen!) and they said that the most valuable thing is time. You can get more money, you can rebuild a business, you can get your health back, but you can never get more time.

Which has been bouncing around in my brain lately. I’ve been thinking about boredom. It seems like the people who tend to declare, “I’m bored!” the most have the least interesting thoughts. I have nothing to back this up with but anecdata.

I’ve worked many places, lots of restaurants, taken lots of classes (cue Tommy Boy. “There are lots of people who are in college for seven years.” “Yes, they’re called doctors.”) Run into so many different people and it seems the ones who are the most bored have the least interesting thoughts and things to say. Not that I’m some amazing person, but hey, you’re reading this blog and that speaks for itself. 😀

Of course, we can’t all be not bored all the time. I don’t know how many times I’ve read Go, Dog. Go! Every time I read it, I relate to this dog more and more.

three dogs at a party in a boat at night

That said, since I’ve seriously started working on my writing, I’ve found I haven’t been bored. The car needed new shocks and struts and I sat there in the waiting room and revised a manuscript and drank coffee for five gloriously productive hours. If I didn’t have the manuscript on me, I would have started revising one of my manuscripts I have in my kindle app on my phone. But, that time was amazingly productive and valuable.

A little piece of me isn’t surprised by other people and their boredom. I read this article about people who would rather be shocked than be alone with their thoughts. I don’t know why being alone in your own head is so terrifying. Sure, there’s crazy stuff in there, sure there’s dark and awful and fears and utter weirdness. But that’s where the ideas live. That’s where book fetuses develop.

I’m not sure how to make Go, Dog. Go! into that experience, but I’m sure, eventually, one of these read throughs, I’ll find it.

Oh, and one last note. My dogs don’t get bored either. They’re Italian Greyhounds and amazingly stupid. If they don’t have something to do, they just find a blanket and go to sleep. I guess there’s a sweet spot with not being bored. 😀


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