Just when I think everything is going along swimmingly, calamity strikes.

The terror that began with my Toddlers post continued. Her delighted cries of, “SNOW!!!” were actually pretty adorable when I put the salt on her floor to soak up the lotion. So, we started the day with that.

Then, we left to pick up the Mister from work. About to step out the door, I wanted to grab her sippy cup so we could eat on our way home. I found it, on its side, leaking the entire cup into my bed. At least it was just water. But, needless to say, this did not cheer me at all. I stripped the bed and threw it all in the washing machine.

We left and ate and I was delighted with a Crown Burger. Anyone familiar with the Salt Lake area will know of the wonder that is Crown Burgers. 🙂

Pleased that things were getting better, we went home, only to discover my washing machine had broken and my fuzzy, warm, fleece sheets were now in a fabric softener marinade.

This is after plumbing problems on New Year’s Eve and a huge repair bill and another visit scheduled to follow up and finish.

Well, it’s all been just like this since then. My house has been a mess and I just can’t work with the house all disorganized and gross. It’s been survival mode. I finally got my house clean yesterday and my writing is still struggling.


Truthfully, a little bit of that is because I got a Chromecast for my tv. But even before I bought the damn thing, my word count was slowly slipping.

I’m not real superstitious, but I finally bought a sage smudge as a last ditch effort to clear out this bad juju we’ve been under. I flailed it around my house like a deranged fairy with a forest fire wand. I should have done a lap around the car, but I didn’t want to put on a jacket and, have I mentioned, I live in Utah? Anyway, my house seems to be more cheerful. My microwave, which I thought had broken, was not (don’t let junk mail cover the vents on your microwave!), my washing machine and drains work, I mopped all the dusty worker bootprints off my floor and you can barely tell the lotion apocalypse happened in the kid’s room.

In any case, I’m still real tired and my nerves are a little frazzled. I’m being gentle with myself and letting things settle before I get back to it. I am not quitting, by any means. I just know my limitations. And I feel ok with that.

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