Well, my husband has been out of town for two weeks and is coming home this afternoon. I haven’t wanted to declare to the internet at large that, “Hey, I’m home alone with a toddler and two worthless dogs!”

My writing has been in the toilet. My revising has been in the toilet. It’s hard enough to find balance between the burning desire I have to write and my little the rest of the time, but once I’m the one running the Responsible Adult show… well, the priorities shift and I am finding by the end of the day, all my mojo is used up. All the decisions I make for the whippersnapper, sausage scramble for breakfast, then wear your grey thermal and denim skirt with black leggings and then we’ll go to the library then Costco then we’ll have pizza for dinner then we’ll– OMG HOW DID YOU GET STUCK IN THE COFFEE TABLE?! *saves baby from the midcentury coffee table then goes back to giving the dog his thyroid pills*.

I thought once we got into a good rhythm, I’d be able to write when she went to sleep. But, all I want to do when she goes to sleep is let my brain go to sleep too.

Truth to tell, I’m quite flighty. I’m very lazy (have I written my paean to laziness yet? I’m mega-tired and I can’t remember and I don’t feel like looking. If I haven’t, I will) and I am a chaos muppet through and through. I’m a little surprised that I am in charge of myself sometimes, let alone my dogs and child. Which is not to say I’m some wildly irresponsible person. I’m just… so goofy, so flighty, so HEY SOMETHING SHINY!! I’m a competent parent and get tons of compliments on the Entropy Machine when we go out. I don’t wanna paint the wrong picture here! 🙂

Anyway. The Mister is home this afternoon. I have a countdown going on the iPad. It’s only hours away and I am just so excited.


Here are my ~motivational quotes~. I know the Have nothing quote is in regard to design, but I think it’s worth thinking about when it comes to revision. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about the Picasso quote. I kept my home and family healthy and happy. I’ve done everything I could do. Sure, my word count is crap today (maybe I’ll count this blog post as words? I usually don’t, but, eh, what the hell) and I haven’t updated The Reluctant Veterinarian in two weeks, is Hugo dead?! Does Tib still have legs?! OH GOD, WHEN WILL WE KNOW?!, but, the tiny herd of sub-30 pounders is happy and healthy. I’m surviving, tired and I look like hell, but I’m kicking ass where I find it. And that’s good enough for me.

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