Back to Basics

My bestest sent me these beautiful inks for my fountain pen for my birthday. I was looking at them, vacillating between awe and terror. They are so gorgeous, but there is no way that I can write words worth this ink.

But, if she has faith in me to use this ink properly, I will put my faith in her.

I picked up a new notebook and have decided to write next month’s project longhand. I know I said I’d only do NaNoWriMo projects longhand, but after this month of stutters and stops and calamity and husbands away on business, I need to get back to basics. I need to get that fire in my belly, that moment when you open your eyes and feel the words churning and rumbling, ready to come out and you sit at your desk before you even go to the bathroom and you work for thirty minutes before realizing you really, really have to go pee.

In any case, the idea for this project has been kicking around in my head since November, just floating, unmoored, not grounded to anything. As I was walking my dogs in a fit of “I’m a despondent writer!!” it hit me and turned into something that could be.

This will also require some research on my part, so I’m going to start writing in February, but for now, I’ll be doing some reading and note taking. Here is a hint of where this is going:


The Big Sleep is only there because I don’t know when the Mister bought it and I was curious to read it. Anyway. The spine of my notebook reads Le Mort d’Grendel. At least I’ve got a working title. And, the upside to this, all this research reading is going to count towards my book a week resolution for the year. Although, it’s going to be tough going, so I don’t know how much it will help my book count. Then again, if I really wanted to cheat at this, I’d just count Go, Dog. Go! each time I read it to the Entropy Machine. I think I’d be about done with my fifty two books if I did that. 😀

I’ve also excused myself from hitting 50k this month. Churning out 2500 words a day until the end of the month on projects I’m ambivalent toward sounds like hell and a waste. I’d rather do my research and get ready for February and that symbolic fresh slate. I also need to get over this weird hump and get more of The Reluctant Veterinarian out. I’ll go to the coffee shop and won’t come home until I have it posted.

I know any job is going to include doing stuff you don’t like, but it seems like this month life in general has just been doing stuff I don’t like. It’s hard to find work life balance when the whole thing is just being a huge turd. Anyway. Wah wah wah. Call me a wah-mbulance.

In any case, I am getting super excited for this upcoming project. Once I have my background and characters, it’s going to be fun to watch two people fall in love and even more fun to share it.

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