Calloo Callay I chortled in my joy!

Well, things are finally getting back to normal with my writing and revising and posting and blah blah blah.

I posted a new chapter to The Reluctant Veterinarian last night! It had become such a big thing in my head. I felt so behind, like I couldn’t do it and if I couldn’t, I might as well just give up.

But, there it is. It’s up. Now, I need to finish the last of my stumbling blocks to get LuLo out and ready and published. I need to finish writing the copy for the back of the book and it’ll be ready. I’m working through some anxiety with it and need to just push through.

There’s my goal for today. Finish the copy. Sounds and feels daunting, but at the rate I’m going, it’s not going to happen unless I just pull the trigger and do it.

I ran across this graffiti a while back and kept the picture on my phone. I think it’s fitting.


Here’s to today!

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