Hoooo boy

Or, maybe one does simply just stop eating sugar. I’ve noticed this before, when my eating goes off the rails, everything else does too.  More than half of the blog posts I’ve started writing since the beginning of last month are still drafts. I didn’t hit 50k words last month. My migraines have been visiting much more frequently. My anxiety is spiking. My motivation is shot. I’ve been wearing yoga pants or these

Wonder if I could get away with “my jeans are in the dryer” all day #goutes #sweatpants #SlackerSaturday #comfy #utes

A photo posted by Mona Trimble (@tremblingtrimble) on Jan 31, 2015 at 10:14am PST

ALL of the time because I’ve noticed a little fluffiness. 

So… I guess it’s time to do another Whole30. I’ve been meaning to do one since the start of the year and this, that and the other kept happening so I kept putting it off. But, I’ve noticed all of this stuff is starting to slide, so it’s time to pull the trigger.

I have some pastured half ‘n’ half in my fridge that I am not willing to toss, but, I’m going to cut sugar tomorrow. Once the half ‘n’ half is gone, I’ll do a full Whole30 from then on out. The hardest part for me is always cutting sugar. The next few days are gonna be a bear but, once I’m past that, it’s not too bad.

Anyway. I have eleventy billion half written blog posts to finish and a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions to update. And The Reluctant Veterinarian to finish posting. And… and… and…

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