Recursive Loops

I had a brief, but passionate, love affair with physics in college. Until Calculus 2 came along and told us we couldn’t be together. During this adventure in nerdery, I took a programming class. In this class, we learned about recursive loops, which is one of the few things I remember from the class, besides being inordinately delighted that the first thing my grandpa posted on Facebook was “Hello world!”

Anyway. Recursive loops. Recursive loops are endless death spirals eating computing cycles. They just keep chugging along until you kill the program.

I have been stuck in a recursive loop.

So… I have been languishing in wienerville. It’s that nudge out of my loop that I need. When I quit caffeine, I was ass deep in a migraine and thought, “I feel so dreadful, cutting caffeine now won’t make a lick of difference.” That thought was the needed nudge.

I think I finally got my nudge yesterday. The Mister is out on business this week, so I took the dogs out on a long long walk to tire them out and to have my last blessed dose of solitude until he’s back. I realized how dreadfully out of shape I am. I’ve been getting so excited to go hiking and now see, to quote Gollum, “That would kill us!”

At least my writing is going ok so far. 

I mean, not great as you can see, but not terribly behind either. I’m on track-ish to finish on time at least. My current WIP will be finished by the end of the week and I have my project lined up for April’s Camp NaNoWriMo, which, I’ll probably do long hand. I’ve been having good writing mojo, even though my callus is getting so gross on my middle finger that it’s messing up my shellac manicure. Bends the fingernail so my shellac peels off!! Infuriating. Is that a humblebrag? It might be. 

I know a Whole30 will do a hard reboot of my system, but, damn it all if that isn’t the hardest thing to do right now.

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