Historical Romance

I recently wrote my first historical romance. It was so very much fun. However, it’s going to need serious work in details and historicity. I had to go learn the order of British nobility from Duke on down to Baronet. 

Anyway. I ran across this on my Facebook travels today: Pictures of Veterans from the Napoleonic Wars


brown university library

These kinds of images spark my imagination so much. What’s he thinking? “God this stupid hat is so heavy. I forgot how much I hate this thing.” or “Martha hold me to bring home a loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter. I sure hope Gustave at the boulangerie isn’t in a dick mood today.” But it’s in those little silly thoughts where you find the morsels of a good story. 

Anyway. I am sharing these little story seeds with you. What do these pictures make you think? What kind of lives? What kind of men?

Incidentally, while I was watching the “loaf of bread, container of milk” clip, a link to this nightmare fuel was offered by helpful YouTube. Here is a palate cleanser of Maria Callas singing La Habanera like a boss. 

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