On Quitting

I scuttled the project I was working on last month.  Something about it was just… I dunno, boring. No boredom in the writer, no boredom in the reader, or something.

Part of me feels like a quitter, part of me feels like I am saving a bushel of energy and motivation. It would cost me so much of both to just push through and finish the project. And for what? A boring story I would never work on again? I would like to at least bring in a little something from my writing. If I start putting out boring, horrid stories, well, that’s not going to happen. 

Sometimes qutting is a fantastic thing, worthy of praise. “Hey! I quit smoking!” or “I finally got my kid to stop eating boogers!” (Hopefully someday on the second one in my case :D) I hope stopping this project is in the same vein. 

I suppose this is also why I didn’t finish my Camp NaNoWriMo last month. It’s hard enough finding time to play in the sandbox in my mind. It’s doubly hard when I’m not completely enamored with my project. Perhaps this goes back to the enthusiasm post about The Pearl Fishers

In any case, I just put the notebook I had been writing my story in away in the basement. I think I’m going to type my next project. Well, I’m not sure yet. It’s one of the things I’m playing with. I just got my nails done and when I write a lot, I get a huge callus on my finger and it bends my nail and it makes my shellac lift. Ha ha, I have the dorkiest considerations.  

worth a messed up mani? I’m not sure

I’m picking up the pieces of a new project. Figuring out names, the arc is there, but all the particulars need filling. In any case, I’m super excited about it. I got up this morning to go to the bathroom and had a thought, so I raced out to the wordmonkey desk and I sat down to scribble, then remembered I still had to pee. I didn’t have that kind of enthusiasm and passion while I was working on last month’s project. Hopefully, that carries over into my writing this month. 

I’m feeling it. There are arguments to be made whether or not a romance novel deserves this kind of passion, and I’ll get to them, but for now, I’m feeling pretty content and happy just having this story brewingin my belly.

2 thoughts on “On Quitting”

  1. It’s important to be motivated to keep on writing. Writing is hard enough, even if the will to do it isn’t lacking. And in any case, you don’t have to shelve the story forever; maybe you’ll have an epiphany sometime down the road and realize just what the story needs to be not boring.


    1. Yes, I agree completely. I had a central idea I liked, then tried to make characters to make the idea work. The thing I’ve found about writing romance, once I know and have my characters, they just write their own story. I have a hell of a time going the other direction.

      I wonder if I’ll pick it up again? I’m curious to see what will happen to it


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