I just posted Just for Kicks to my Createspace author page for sale. It’ll be up on Amazon in a couple days, as well as the ebook version.

I’m feeling totally weird. I’ve been working toward this forever and ever. Now that it’s there, I’m trying to get motivated to make a new to do list. I feel like this has been my to do list for so long that now I am not sure what I should do first.

Heh, I just thought of this song. The “OMG WHAT DO I DO IF THIS IS ACTUALLY REALLY SUCKY?!” is hitting me right about now. (You can tell I have a toddler, yeah?)

Anyway. That’s that. I guess I’ll take a couple days, collect some thoughts, think about finishing my Camp NaNoWriMo project (LuLo4 actually!) and then get on with getting on.

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