I Figured out my Shit! yay!

// I’ve realized that when I take magnesium, it ups my mental game and helps to stave off the migraines. Well, guess who kept forgetting to take their magnesium? So, I’ve started taking magnesium again.

It’s funny, this writing ~scandalous shit~ career that I’m trying to embark on. As a cisgendered, alarmingly boringly heteronormative woman, I have fun adventures with hormones. I’ve been reading the Outlander series and “wee beastie” comes to mind in describing the stupid things. Hormones are wee, stupid beasties. Stealing my motivation, my good mood, my svelte figure (mmm bloat) and the general lack of thinking about ~scandalous shit~ that goes along with writing these books.

I’ve started taking my supplements again, trying to be good about it. I’m pretty sensitive to lots of things and a quick responder, so it shouldn’t take too long to see some results. Hopefully soon enough that I start writing again in earnest. I haven’t had a good writing day in a week or two and I just need that little morsel of inspiration to turn into some wild, crazy, sexy adventure to write and in turn, let loose on the world. It’s coming. I can feel it.

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