What?! I “maintain” a blog?!

Hi! I figured I should get back on the blogging horse. I played with my Daily Posture Prompts and did a hell of a job on that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway. Back to doing writer stuff that isn’t just squirreling away my words for myself. Last year’s New Year’s Resolutions are here. They were lofty af. This year’s will probably be very similar.

I’m not going to shoot for a book a week. I go through weird book binges. I’ll read and read and read for three weeks, then not pick up a book for anything other than waiting for an appointment for a couple weeks, then do it all again. So, I’m just going to aim for reading something every day for fifteen minutes. I’ll use the Way of Life app to keep track of that.

I’m also going to really work on revision this year. I have a stack of manuscripts that need revision and to be released into the wild. I have a rough schedule on my wall on a post it note.  I’m going to release at least two books this year though. That feels low, but I know I can do that.

Blogging. I’m going to post at least twice a week. I’m also going to read how tos to increase my readership.

I’m going to walk at least 5k steps a day.

And my words? My beautiful, beautiful words? Ready. I’m going to hit 500k. And I’m going to be a cheater cheater head and count blog words too.

So. Here we go. It’s new year, new me time.

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