Back to Khazad-Dûm… Again


You can just see, “Look at all this shit I have to revise,” on Gandalf’s face


Well well well. Quite the pretty pickle I found myself in. I am finishing up a manuscript and I looked to the veritable stack of manuscripts I have to finish. I thought, Hey! I’ll finish Cop Drama and I can have that published by March! I printed out a hard copy, pulled out a blue Papermate and tucked it behind my ear and started working on hopefully the final revision. I come to realize I need to rewrite the court stuff (of course there’s court stuff in a story with the working title of Cop Drama!). Then I come to realize that it is much, much, much too short. Somehow the fact it only has 45k words slipped my notice. It needs at least 30k more words. My friend brought it up last night too. Glad to have that outside voice as well.

So, now I am needing to write on that story again. But, there are plenty of places I can pick up their story and not have it be filler.

Then I thought, well, if I don’t have Cop Drama to publish in March, maybe I can move up LuLo2? But that needs more too. That actually needs more than Cop Drama. I followed the usual trilogy formula and LuLu2 is dark af. Well, dark af is totally overselling it. But, among the three LuLo books, it’s the darkest. And dark might be fun to write, but when it’s your precious little characters, that’s not so fun. And, incidentally, LuLo4 is in their universe and family, but I don’t count it as a LuLo book. My little brain is all Hey! Let’s categorize things that don’t need to be categorized!

Anyway. So looking through my other manuscripts, I thought The Reluctant Veterinarian could go in March, but in order for it to be ready, it needs at least two revisions and to be sent out to my test reading posse.

So…. ugh. I’m drowning in the blessing of too much work. And I don’t have to worry I don’t have an idea for my next novel after I finish Mort2 because I have so much to do already! And, I’ll certainly be able to hit my 500k goal for the year. My writing, even though I’m behind right now, is still on track to finish the year.

I think I need to decide on one thing and just go for it, because if I keep doing this analysis paralysis stuff, I’m going to just waste time and mental energy. I’ll plan for Cop Drama to come out first this year. Once I finish the rewrites on it, I’ll start on the writing for LuLo2. I have my cover idea for Cop Drama. I have a ton of ideas bouncing around in my head. It’ll just be a matter of sitting down and doing it now.

Heh, it’s funny. When I wrote Cop Drama, I listened to Vampire Weekend’s Modern Vampire of the City on repeat. I guess I’ll have to turn that back on. Well, good news at least. I know what the hell I’m doing and where I’m going. I like having this problem. “I have too many manuscripts to choose from.” Good problem to have.

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