Uh Oh

I finished my Mort2 manuscript just right now. I guess I really have to start working on revision now. 😦

The hubs was away on a business trip and the Entropy Machine is big enough to get into all kinds of trouble. Hard to work on writing when she takes so much of my brain power. Decision fatigue is hard enough when you’re just taking care of yourself, but throw in a little bitty human who has opinions about stuff and God Almighty! It’s amazing if you can even get out of the house to buy a cheeseburger, let alone write a book. So… I guess whatever. Ha.

In any case. I finished another manuscript and now the real fun work begins. All this revision and rewrites. I don’t have a solid idea for my next novel anyway, so I guess this rewrite stuff is a good idea. Ish. HA.

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