Guess Who Changed her Mind Again?!

So, I was going to totally rewrite Cop Drama and I’ve been totally dragging ass about starting working on it again. I decided to release it as a novella. I mean, I like it, of course, but I don’t love it enough to totally rewrite. I still have to rewrite the court stuff at the end, but I’m not going to do an extensive thing. The pacing is good, it’s a good story, I like their love story, but I’m just not going to do as much as I was thinking a blog post or two ago. (I blogged about this right? Or was I just thinking, “Oh, I should blog about the revision process,”?) Oh hey. I did.

Anyway. I was poking around Eloisa James’s site and I was all, “Hey. If she can write novellas, I can too.” Incidentally, I should write a review of her Desperate Duchesses series. Not that my writing is as good as hers or my books as well researched, but, it’s a good read. And it’s all written so you don’t have Game of Thrones agony/annoyance. Anyway. I’ll just release Cop Drama as a novella. I like that idea. It feels more right.

Just coming to that decision is an enormous relief. I think that was stopping me up.

This means I won’t have to do stupid layout either. I’ll just release it as an ebook. I like that idea too.

These kinds of ponderings make me goggle at the classics. How in the hell did Jane Austen write and revise Pride and Prejudice for instance? You can tell how much she loved her characters. She adored Elizabeth. And Darcy totally made her swoon.

Back to work now!


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