A Cop Out? Maybe, but I’ll Take It!

I signed up for an intensive revision workshop for next month. I decided I would let Cop Drama sit until then. I don’t want to do all this work on it just to find out there was a better way and then have to do it all over again.

I know I’m pretty, “Woohoo! Tim Ferriss!” but he has some good stuff.

  • Effectiveness is doing the things that get you closer to your goals. Efficiency is performing a given task (whether important or not) in the most economical manner possible. Being efficient without regard to effectiveness is the default mode of the universe.

    swiped from wikiquote from The Four Hour Workweek

On the flipside, I’ve found my new project. I hate not having something to work on. I hate not having something for my brain to move forward with. Revision is all fine and good and very, very necessary, but I need something else for my brain to gnaw on and work through and go over.

Anyway. I’m looking forward to this workshop. I joined the Romance Writers of America group and I went to the local chapter meeting last weekend. I learned so much. It’s just a shame it took me so long to join because it is just a treasure trove of information.

You’ll also notice my wordcount has started to not suck so bad. I think I’m over that hump. I’m back into things and my brain is working towards what comes after The Defiant Canary. I’m feeling like the words are coming back and everything is going forward.

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