And suddenly, I am remarkably busy

I joined the Romance Writers of America group. Not gonna lie, I joined and felt like hot shit. Well, the fact of the matter is, I should have joined forever ago. I signed up for two workshops right now. “What to do when a horse shows up” and a revision workshop.

I’m pretty city and my exposure to horses is quite limited. In Mort, her horse plays a big role. I’m glad to finally be learning real things about horses and how to do what needs doing for him. I read a lot of Robin McKinley as a kid and learned a lot about horses from there, but I’m curious to actually learn by being taught as opposed to reading horse stories, you know?

And, as far as the revision workshop goes… omg. I am going to have buckets of work from it. BUT I think Cop Drama is going to be such a better story for it. I think that is going to be the more active work and the horse workshop is mostly going to be my brain having adventures learning new shit.

AND on top of all this, I’m still working on my other manuscript. I like to have a project I’m working on, you know? That I’m writing. And I’m enjoying it. I’m coming to one of those bottlenecks where I need to really meet and learn about a character and what she does before I can move on. She’s a secondary character, but still important to the story. I don’t quite know what she does and that’s important. So… gotta figure that out. The hills are starting to dry out, so I should be able to go hiking soon. Hiking is about my favorite way to puzzle through things.

Anway. I’m feeling totally busy. That first week of classes get your syllabus and figure out your schedule and buy a new notebook this semester is going to be awesome! feeling. Nice to feel that way, even if I’m a 35-year-old toddler wrangler who kind of really doesn’t care about a lot of stuff. 😀 Feeling good, feeling excited, feeling like I can turn Cop Drama into a decent work of fiction. Thinking about doing a second edition of LuLo in a couple years when I’ve figured this writing stuff out better. But that’s not for some time. The stack of manuscripts I have here are all crying out for attention. God forbid I bring LuLo back.

Ok. I’ve got some writing to do tonight.

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