I’ve Got Blisters on My Fingers!!

A la The Beatles song Helter Skelter at the very end.

I’ve been doing this month’s Camp Nanowrimo project longhand. And I’ve gotta say it’s a good change up from the typing.

I’ve been using a grey (or anthracite if you’re feeling fancy) Leuchtturm 1917 medium squared notebook and a Parker Vector pen and Pilot’s Iroshizuku ink (at least so far). My darling husband has been throwing different fountain pens at me and I love him for it, but so far, the one that fits my hand best and the paper best is this shitty little $8 pen. Well, at least it was $8 when I bought it years and years ago. Now, they’re hey, look, $9.30. HA.

All the other pens had slightly too large of a nib and the smaller nibs had this annoying scritch on the paper. I couldn’t get enough words into these tiny little lines. If I was writing in a Moleskine notebook, it would be fine, the lines are a little bigger, but for these itty bitty little Leuchtturn lines, it was just too big. Both a Lamy Safari and a Pilot Plumix. Plus they were just a smidge too long. I have small hands (maybe not Trump small, but small nonetheless 😀 ) and when I really get into a writing frenzy, I’ll be writing for quite a while.

My favorite thing about writing longhand is that I have to slow down. A lot of time when I’m typing it’s just Mr Creosote and a bucket. All sorts of whatever come out. When it’s quantity, not quality, it’s, well, it’s this:

Especially when I’m working in Scrivener. I know I can just Shift-Command-Dash and it strikes it through. It’ll skip it when I can compile, but I know it’s helping my wordcount, so why not keep it. But writing by hand… it’s just a different feel. It’s more intimate, if that makes sense. I also feel like I write better love scenes by hand.

An added benefit to writing by hand, I can’t get sucked into Facebook or start playing a game or whatever. If I want to goof around, I have to actively do something else to goof around. I can’t pretend to work like I can on the computer.

On the downside, I’m already getting a callus on my finger. At the rate I’m going, it’s going to be big and red and shiny and my hand will literally be swollen by the end of the month. It’s kind of fun to see what will happen. I have some baoding balls here on my desk that I’ll use if it gets real bad. But by using a lighter pen that glides so nicely, it doesn’t get as bad as it does if I use a blue papermate. That’s my goto editing pen. But for a long writing session, no way!

Anyway. I have some literal scribbling to get through still tonight. Wondering what I’ll fill the pen with next. Black? Green? Pink? Blue? More grey? Dunno. In any case, it will be turned into magical words.

Anyone else out there doing Camp NaNoWriMo longhand this month?

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