Daith Update

I had a dickens of a migraine this weekend.

However, thanks to the daith piercing (I think. I can’t really do good science on myself like this, ya know?) it was the weirdest thing I’d been through in quite a while.

The pain was minimal, but the rest of my migraine symptoms were OFF THE CHART. Like, it was absurd. It was this uncoordinated, sticky thinking, aphasia-filled barf fest. But. At least it didn’t hurt so bad. (and I came up with a wacky new romance novel idea. It seems like I get the best ideas when my brain is in a mush phase)

I think some of it was due to hormones and some of it was due to sleep deprivation and some of it was due to my write in with my local chapter of the Romance Writers of America where I wrote almost 7k words by hand. Yeah, whodathunk that writing little bitty words in a little bitty notebook could give me weird neck and shoulder strain that would, in turn, exacerbate a migraine. I would have never imagined!!! 🙄

Anyway. Part of me regrets getting it. I am eating so much worse and I am not careful with my sleep at all. Which is bad for several reasons. Before it was a built-in pressure release valve, the, “Uh oh! I feel a nugget coming on!” and I’d be super duper careful with my sleep and eating and I’d really notice if I was doing triggery things. But now, I never get that nugget feeling anymore.

But for the most part, it’s great. It’s so nice not to have so many migraines and it’s nice to not have so much pain when I do get one. I think it’s totally worth it!

2 thoughts on “Daith Update”

  1. I’m interested in how this is working for you. A daith piercing is on my radar, but I’m not planning it now. My diet changes are working for me, except an occasional less painful migraine due to weather and fragrances. From what you’ve written, I’m concluding that the daith piercing helps with the pain, but it doesn’t prevent the migraine itself. I wonder if anyone in the medical community is studying this yet. Thanks for sharing:)


    1. I think it’s raised my tolerances for several things actually. Sleep deprivation and gluten, notably. Like, a little bit of gluten won’t give me a migraine (a bit of gravy, say), but there is a definitely a threshold. Well, this has increased that threshold significantly. (I ate fish and chips the other day and OMG!!) For sleep too. Before, about four days of crappy sleep and I was signing up for a migraine. I’ve been running a huge sleep debt because it just makes me sleepy and grouchy, not migrainey.

      It’s super weird. I’m really having a hard time with my sleep now because the migraines were a built in sleep support system. I’d feel one on the horizon and if I was perfectly good with sleep and hydration and diet, I could usually dodge it. But now? I have to do it myself. It’s weird to figure this sleep thing out again 😀

      So, I have significantly fewer migraines, I’ve only had two since getting it done in January. Before it was probably three a month. Diet helped to make those less severe for the most part, like I hardly throw up now, and it also made them shorter- 36 hours instead of 4 days.

      All in all, the piercing was a good move for me. I think I might get the other side done too, but just because I have a thing for symmetry.


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