So it comes to this…


I’ve managed to gain some weight. Staying home with the kid over the dirty aired winter and I’ve gotten all fluffy. I haven’t stuck with anything long enough to make any difference and then I end up going What the hell and eating a donut. (Gluten free of course. I don’t need a barfing migraine on top of everything. Although…. a terrible barfing migraine would drop five pounds pretty quick….)

So, here we go, I’m pledging now. If I don’t lose 20 pounds by July 9, I’m going to donate $50 to Donald Trump’s campaign. That’s doable and reachable. And completely awful. And enough motivation to keep me on the straight and narrow!


I’m pretty shit at charting food, but I’m going to do it for a bit to really watch what I’m eating and pay attention to it.

So… here we go. I’ll update weekly-ish. My goal is 32.3 pounds by August 9, but that 20 pounds has been making me so crabby. 32.3 would be amazing, but 20 will significantly open up my wardrobe and resurrect a bunch of stuff that I’ve been holding on to.

I’m going to update my goal on my fitbit app to 20 pounds and keep it as that until I hit that goal, then switch it back to the 130.

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