Best Laid Plans

I finally woke up at 5:30 this morning after struggling mightily for the last week and a half. I went to bed early last night, set two alarms, programmed the coffee maker, everything.

I sat down at my desk with a hot cuppa, ready to pick up where I left off and… creak. The Entropy Machine’s door opened and out she came dragging a blanket.

I told her as long as the music was playing, I was working. Now I’m trying to bust out this blog post while she plays jungle gym all over me. It’s pretty hard to argue with “Momma, I love you!” whispered with steamy little toddler breath in my ear. She and her dad are both warm people. I, unfortunately, am always cold. So this means all her little whispers in my ear fog the shit out of my head. 😀

Downside, my writing morning was interrupted. Upside, a squirmy little toddler is climbing on me demanding hugs. Can’t argue with that. 🙂 Time to feed the chaos.

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