I’m Home!

And totally jet lagged. I fell asleep at eight and woke up at ten and now I’m AWAKE (it’s just past one now).

But, I didn’t take my laptop with me, so I’ve been checking all my stuff that I couldn’t check on the iPad. Thought I might as well say hello here too!

Some quick thoughts:
* Japan is rad
* The vending machines in Japan are rad
* International travel with an almost-4-year-old is fun and scary at the same time
* Jet-lag is pretty crap
* Taco rice was an enormous let down
* Calpis soda and Bikkle are amazing tasty drinks. I hope to find some here local.
* Once my jet-lag gets better, the first thing I want to do is write
* The pendulum swing between toddlers kicking/shaking/smacking each other and death by hugging is amazingly short
* If you fall asleep listening to Hamilton on the airplane, without a doubt, you will wake up just in time to hear him dying and then you’ll be sad and confused and jet-lagged and you won’t be able to fall sleep again
* Home is pretty goddamn fantastic 💗💗

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