I’m back in Khazad-dûm. And it’s really not so bad. I outlined the Defiant Canary in my notebook and it’s really quite pleasing. It’s nice to have a path and know where I’m going and what I’m going to do.

The strangest thing about this book, I’ve made each POV switch its own chapter. I have a tendency to head-hop, but with three POV characters, it’s hard to keep it all straight. So, each is labeled with its respective owner.

Having the outline has made a world of difference. I cut out all the weird little half page POV snippets before I ran across them with a blue papermate. I can’t even tell you how demoralizing it is to be on a good clip with the revision and then finding there was all this weird work to do to get it into shape.

I think I have to have a set system for revision. I can’t just hack at it pell-mell as I usually do. I think the first step is to write down the outline and weed out all these weird half-page POV barfs. Do all the major structural stuff. Then use Suzanne Johnson’s excellent monster revision workshop. Like oh my god, take her workshop. It’s incredible. Her plotting workshop is rad af too. I think if I outlined, I wouldn’t have to take this first step of doing this structural step. But outlining is so meh in my brain. I’ve used her plotting ideas and melded them with my pantser ways to keep things organized better. Everything I’ve written since taking that workshopping class is in such better order and will be easier to revise. Anyway.

I’m feeling real good about this. I’ve been sending chapters as I revise them to my beta readers. It’s a fun story and there’s cultists and Cthulhu-esque whales and all manner of nonsense.

I think I have a real good chance of releasing this by June. That’s my plan. And then I think I’ll release Mort the month after. And then… I’m not sure. Probably The Washed Up Astronaut. Anyway. I have a ton of work all lined up. I’m looking forward to it. And I’m getting excited to see where this will take me. The more I write, the better I feel about what I’ve been writing. Anyway. I’m feeling super hopeful and excited and rad.

7 thoughts on “Revision”

  1. Good luck with your revisions. I am a pretty heavy outliner and I even treat my drafts as outlines, which I expand, tighten, and cut as I move through the process. Hope everything is going well with your manuscript!


    1. Thank you!! Once I got through that outline, it was all so much easier.

      I wish outlining made sense in my brain and worked with my writing. It would make revision a million times easier. I’m a little bit jealous, truth to tell 😀

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      1. Over. I’m a rambly bastard as you can see from this blog 😂😂

        I tend to mumble to myself in the drafts as well and put it all in so it’s easy to see what I need to take out later. Also if I’m unsure of a name or something. or whatever, then a find replace once I’ve decided later. Plus, it’s easy enough to find as I revise.

        I’m such a discovery writer that I end up with brackets all over the place from all manner of unanticipated weirdness

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      2. That is awesome, and somewhat frightening. I would be scared of writing a ton of stuff that ultimately doesn’t go anywhere. My initial outlines are pretty loose, and in some ways I feel like my rough draft is just a really detailed outline that I develop through revision.

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      3. I write romance, so I have some landmarks to fly by. I may not know how they break up, but I know they will. I know they get back together by the end and have their HEA. Exactly how that happens well, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        All roads lead to Rome, but shall I pass through Provence? Maybe a side trip to Moscow? I know I’ll get there eventually. Just a question of how and what adventures to have on the way

        What genre do you write?

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      4. That makes sense. My favorite genre is fantasy though most of published work is nonfiction or creative nonfiction. I’ve only had a success with a single fantasy short story.


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