Lies and lies and lies

I’ve been musing on the lies that we, or I rather, tell myself. “I’ll send it out when I’m braver.” “I’ll work on social media when I get a new phone and have the spare memory to run Facebook.” “I’ll work on getting healthy in the spring when it’s easier.”

Well a day of reckoning has arrived. I got a new phone today. There’s space for apps and I don’t have that “I can’t do it on my phone, so maybe I shouldn’t even try to have a social media presence” excuse anymore.

That and I realized the whole “wait ’til I’m braver” thing is a load of shit. So. Here I am.

My plan is to post at least twice a week. And actually do stuff on my Facebook page. And as far as Patreon goes, I have to be brave enough to believe the things I post have value. And everyone supporting me either does it because they believe in me or they believe in what I do. Or they’re just super nice and neither of those things is true the same way I buy lemonade from lemonade stands, then dump it out around the corner. 😂😂

In any case, it’s time to pick this up. It’s time to stop being so scared. At least it’s tine to stop being so scared I don’t do what I need to. I’m gonna be back and I’m never gonna leave.

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