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Daith Update

I had a dickens of a migraine this weekend.

However, thanks to the daith piercing (I think. I can’t really do good science on myself like this, ya know?) it was the weirdest thing I’d been through in quite a while.

The pain was minimal, but the rest of my migraine symptoms were OFF THE CHART. Like, it was absurd. It was this uncoordinated, sticky thinking, aphasia-filled barf fest. But. At least it didn’t hurt so bad. (and I came up with a wacky new romance novel idea. It seems like I get the best ideas when my brain is in a mush phase)

I think some of it was due to hormones and some of it was due to sleep deprivation and some of it was due to my write in with my local chapter of the Romance Writers of America where I wrote almost 7k words by hand. Yeah, whodathunk that writing little bitty words in a little bitty notebook could give me weird neck and shoulder strain that would, in turn, exacerbate a migraine. I would have never imagined!!! 🙄

Anyway. Part of me regrets getting it. I am eating so much worse and I am not careful with my sleep at all. Which is bad for several reasons. Before it was a built-in pressure release valve, the, “Uh oh! I feel a nugget coming on!” and I’d be super duper careful with my sleep and eating and I’d really notice if I was doing triggery things. But now, I never get that nugget feeling anymore.

But for the most part, it’s great. It’s so nice not to have so many migraines and it’s nice to not have so much pain when I do get one. I think it’s totally worth it!

Ultimately, n=1

I got my daith pierced for my birthday last month. I’d heard it was good for migraines and that was enough reason for me to do it. Even if it didn’t work to help my migraines, it’s a cute little piercing. Win-win.

I’ve been gluten free for a while, a couple years now. When I eat it, I’ll get a migraine within 24 hours. It’s kind of like alcohol. I have too much, I get a hangover. But with gluten, I eat too much and I get a migraine. Anyone who gets chronic migraines will know the struggle to figure out triggers and avoid them. Anyway, gluten is a HUGE trigger for me. Caffeine too.

So, since getting my daith pierced, I’ve been playing and checking my new tolerances. Turns out, since getting the daith pierced, my gluten tolerance is considerably higher. I ate fish and chips. I ate pon-pon chicken (not very good pon-pon chicken I have to say). No migraine, no nugget, nothin’.

I haven’t gone crazy and eaten a piece of regular bread or a donut or something. I’m glad I have a little leeway, but I’m not going to push it.

Anyway, what it all comes down to is n=1. I ran across this term listening to Tim Ferriss’s podcast. You are your own sample size and you need to do experiments on yourself. I mean, you can’t do double-blind studies and shit, but you need to be aware. You need to keep track of yourself and what makes you feel like shit and what makes you feel like a BAMF.

I have done so much work pinpointing my triggers for my migraines. I cut things, I add things back in, I try supplements, eating, exercise, whatever. It’s been years of this. So when people are all ~eye roll~ about me and gluten, I get all ~eye roll~ back. It’s not like this is fun. It’s not like this is cheap. It’s not like this is easy. BUT, it has made a marked difference in my quality of life. I’d spend days sick and throwing up. But since being careful with gluten and caffeine, it made things so much better. I am gaining days of my life back. I am happier, I am healthier. I can say with some certainty that gluten is not a good thing for me to eat. And I should also avoid caffeine. Watermelon, curiously enough, makes me violently ill. NSAIDs are also a no go. The super tasty Bloody Maria from my favorite taco place are a huge trigger too.



It’s weird. I have a weird bundle of food things. Which is a shame because I’m a pretty gregarious eater. I like to try new, weird things. And not being able to try so many things is heartbreaking to me. But… whatever.

Anyway. I’m not cutting gluten because it’s the cool new hip thing to do. I’ve found it makes my life so much better. Incredibly better. I’m my own little guinea pig. I don’t need to talk to the IRB if I want to do some weird shit like piercing my daith. I tinker. Continually.

I’m not sure where I was going with this. The hubs has been out of town and the Entropy Machine has all these ridiculous opinions and requests.

“Do you want the blue spoon or the pink spoon?”
“Pink.” … “I want the blue spoon! No Orange! The orange spoon!”
“We don’t have an orange spoon.”
“WARBLGARBL! *caterwaul screech*”

Like seriously. And I’ve been on a big KonMari kick and cleaning my house and keeping it ridiculously clean and trying to revise and editing and trying to write a new one and just. warblgarbl.

I’m totally going to sleep and I’m totally counting this for my wordcount for today. So I’m not going to cut anything and I’m going to count it all. HA HA!

A Thought

I think I’ve been having trouble with revision because it isn’t as easily quantifiable as writing. Those numbers for writing are a big motivator for me and when I don’t have that, it’s hard for me to feel like I’ve done enough.

That said, I realized I have to do almost a full rewrite of Cop Drama. It just needs so much more than a revision. It needs— at least— two more characters and a subplot. There just isn’t enough and it needs more. Part of me is super bummed out by this. There is no way that it can be finished for an April release. So now I’m trying to decide if I push it back or if I will pull The Reluctant Veterinarian out sooner. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And I’m pretty sure this isn’t just an evasive maneuver for me. I got my daith pierced for my birthday to help with my migraines and it kind of Office Spaced me. I thought it was just the holidays being over, but I have a massive, raging case of IDGAF. My anxiety is at an all time low and I am just *shrug* whatever. I don’t think it’s that. But, whatever. I’m digging it.

In any case, my plans for Cop Drama have expanded. I think that first chapter is going to remain the same, but there is going to be a huge overhaul. I kind of dread it and I’m kind of really looking forward to it. Feels like the first day of school, actually. In any case, this is an interesting thing to work through. And I’m looking forward to just getting another title out soon.

The Persistent Man

A mighty, mighty migraine hit Thursday morning with zero warning. I am finally eating and not barfing again, but my brain likes to go on little adventures when I’m not quite using it.

This morning, as I was laying in bed, trying to let my brain calm down and trying to recover from an arduous nail appointment (usually one of my most favorite me time adventures in the world), I started thinking about Persistent Men.

Jerry Mulligan creepering Lise into going on a date with him. From the LA Times

He follows her to work. He badgers her into spending time with him and in the end, she goes with him. Although, the other guy, Henri, had a weird power imbalance with her too. Taking her in during the war when she was still “a child” then falling in love with her? Hrm.

Anyway. This idea that if a man is persistent enough, he will wear her down just creeps me out so much. In An American in Paris, he wins her over through his persistence. Offhand, I can’t think of more (migraine brain, did I mention?) but I know I’ve seen it.

And regardless of what the woman says. Regardless how she initially feels, if she just gives him a fair shake, she’ll discover that he’s actually a nice guy. The man of her dreams in fact!

Where is her agency? She tries to maintain her boundaries, she tries to do what she can to keep herself safe, but instead, it’s all, “Oh, well, she never really knew her mind to begin with, so once he was able to talk some sense into her, she went with him.”

Yuck. Just yuck.

I mean, sure, romance, ripped bodices, whatever. I can understand the appeal, I suppose, of being wanted so much. To be washed away on the tides of pleasure and have it not be ~your fault~. To be able to maintain  virginal purity while still being able to explore passion. But this goes right back into the discussion about consent. And it also assumes that rape isn’t about maintaining power structures.

But, back to the Persistent Man. Suppose she does finally go out with him. How many times does she have to go out with him before she can say, “Ok, that’s enough?” Now does she “owe him” for him magnanimity of taking her out to dinner? Does she owe him kisses? Sex? Blow jobs? What? And if she says no, then she becomes a cocktease and led him on. And then the cry, “Well, if she didn’t want to go out with him, she should have just said so!”

In any case, this idea of the Persistent Man started playing around in my head and I wanted to explore it a little. I’m sure I’ll expand on it at a later time. My poor brain is so tired from just starting to plot this all out. And I’ll start keeping track of the Persistent Man now as I find them in media.