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A New Year and New Goals

The best part of this year’s NaNoWriMo is the friends I’ve made. I stumbled into a great group of people and we’re still supporting each other like it’s November. It’s nice to have a like-minded group of people to bounce ideas off of.

With that in mind, I think I’m going to have an easier time of hitting goals this year. We’ve set up a critique group and what kind of support we’ll need over the coming year.

My goals for 2017:

  • 500k words. I haven’t hit 500k in two years. I’m close this year, but it’s not feasible. I got sick on Christmas and I’m having a hell of a time shaking it off and as such, writing nearly 30k words by the new year sounds completely unreachable.
  • Write 6 manuscripts. I wrote 4 this year, but only if you count the two half-novels as one.
  • Release 6 novels. I’m planning to release them three-four weeks apart. In August. I’ve got a ton of shit to do for that.

God, that looks like a lot. The books I’ll be releasing are Le Morte de GrendelLuLo2, LuLo3, LuLo4, The Defiant Canary and … well, I haven’t decided on the sixth title. I know I have lots of stuff listed in my writing projects page (while I’m at it, I should update that, too) but my goodness, it’s hard to decide.

I’m pretty pleased that things are getting better and better with my writing. I feel like my latest projects are much better, with better writing and crafted better. The characters feel better, the plots feel more interesting. The writing is just better to begin with. Easier to edit, less weird stuff to take out. I don’t know why I’d just leave typos galore in my earlier manuscripts. THe and SHe all over the place. Silly things that are so annoying to go through and fix now.

Anyway. This is going to be a big year for me. A big year, with big goals. I can’t wait for the new year to start and all the fun, amazing things it will bring. 🙂


So, like I mentioned the other day, I’ve been following the 4-Hour Body. That means today is cheat day.

RHP anticipation
yoinked from giphy

The best part of planned cheat days is putting so much thought into what I’d like to eat. Like, I’ve been thinking about what kind of cake I wanted to make and I’ve decided on an almond cake with cherry vanilla mascarpone filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. It’s not going to be some spur of the moment thing I pick up from the gluten free store and just eat because that’s what’s there. Oh hell no. It’s been thought through for a few days. This shit is going to count.

The orange peel is in reference to a coming cheat day with flan. That is going to be Cointreau flan with chocolate sauce, real whipped cream and candied orange peel. And I’ll be teaching my sister in law how to make my wicked evil delicious flan.

I’ve got to admit, I used to have the hardest time with my impulse control. I still do. But, I’ve definitely been getting better at it. Having cheat day to look forward to, knowing I will have a food adventure makes it easier to wait. Plus, knowing I have to think it through, not just throw it together at the last second. Not some half-assed, “Hmmm, I feel like brownies,” then end up using applesauce instead of vegetable oil because that’s all there was and the internet said it would work (although it does anyway). I picked up marzipan, new piping tips (my piping game is not strong. Like at all. But I like to eat cute/pretty things, so I should get better), some pink and mauve food coloring for the frosting and sparkles. Little heart glitters because fuck yeah cheat day!

The best part of this is:

I’ve been sticking to my eating plan, it’s easy and it works and I am forced to think about what I am going to eat. It’s not a, “Well, I feel like eating garbage. Just stop at this 7-11 and I’ll get a Slurpee and a Snickers.” No way, man. Fuck that. The anticipation and planning are making it so much more amazing.

I made the cakes last night. Going to decorate and put it together today. Then I’m gonna smash it. And hopefully the piping will look good. At the very least, it will taste good. AND I’ll frost it early enough that it isn’t boiling lava hot and the frosting gets all gross and melty.

This is the recipe I’m going to gluten-free-itize. And I made cherry syrup/candy stuff the other day to mix with the mascarpone. And as for the frosting, I’m not sure which buttercream recipe I’ll use, but it’s probably going to be this Martha Stewart one. Or maybe I’ll just play with my mascarpone frosting idea that has been kicking around in my head. And we’ll see how awesome my flowers end up. With sparkles. Because a) I’m a lady and b) omg cute food and c) fuck yeah sparkles!

In any case, I can’t recommend the 4-Hour Body highly enough. Except for his, “OMG YOU GUYS! I’M SO AWESOME AT FUCKING!” chapter that I rolled my eyes at a million times. Although maybe if you aren’t familiar with your body or your favorite intimate partner’s body, it might be good for you to read. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway. I’m a fan aside from that. 😀

Here’s to cheat day. Here’s to anticipation. Here’s to looking forward to our lives with glee and excitement.

New Habits

This early morning thing is working. It isn’t even 7:30 and I got my 2k words in.

Well, it wasn’t 7:30 when I wrote that first line. A small, pink pajamaed person came and jumped on me.

I’ve been up early the last few days and it’s getting easier. It’s nice to have that 2k words in. Now, I can think about it through the day and plan what comes next. I generally have an idea of where and how the story will go, the big picture, but I don’t do any sort of JK Rowling plotting and planning.

Yoinked from Open Culture

No. I can understand the need for this level of plotting and planning, but god, no thanks. I like to follow the story where it leads me.

Anyway, I enjoy thinking about the story over the course of the day, toying with what I’ve written and where it’s going and where things will go tomorrow and if I need to sit down and type more.

I’ve also been reading The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. First thing when I wake up, I’ll drink the ice water in my Klean Kanteen, then wander into the kitchen and eat a hardboiled egg. Then drink some coffee at my desk with a splash of heavy cream and heavy on the cinnamon. The morning routine is helping. I’ve also programmed the coffee maker to brew some coffee at 5. Honestly, that has gotten me out of bed more than one morning. “Well, I set the coffee maker. I don’t want to drink stale coffee later. Might as well just get out of bed and do my scribbling.” So, it’s helping.

Plus, I bought a little deskcycle and I sit and pedal while I write, then when I’ve pedaled about an hour, I curl up and rest my little feet on it. I don’t know what’s helping me the most, the eating or the hacks (that 4-hour book is like hack central) or the cycling or the My Fitness Pal, but it’s all clicking and I’m feeling so good and being so productive.

I think Kurt Vonnegut had it right. Four hours (what is it with four hours?!) is about the right time to devote to writing. I spent about two hours writing this morning, some time on bookkeeping (have I mentioned I’ve fallen down the bujo rabbit hole?) and bills and shit and then some time cuddling my kid. If I can maintain this schedule, two hours of writing in the morning and then two hours of editing later in the day, this is going to be totally achievable. That’s a good feeling. That’s a great realization. I can be a writer. AND I can make it career.

And before anyone says anything, yes, the Entropy Machine has been watching Zootopia and Try Everything is constantly in my head.


Some Fun Health Metrics

I think most people who know me would say I’m quirky, verging on odd. (I mention I’m pretty sure I’m autistic? Heh) Anyway, I’ve been doing my weight loss challenge and tinkering and finding some new health metrics.

I’ve stopped using antiperspirant because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ why not? I’ve started using Weleda’s Wild Rose Deoderant and so far I really like it. If I’ve been eating clean, I’ll generally only need a spritz right out of the shower. If it’s Monday and my cheat day was Saturday or Sunday… well, I’ll need a top up or two. Anyway, I saw Stephen King the other night and the logistics were terrible! We had to stand in line outside under the 6 o’clock Utah sun for nearly 50 minutes. I didn’t know it was going to be such a shitshow or I would have used antiperspirant, too. Delightful surprise of surprises, I was still quite fresh by the time we got inside. Just glad it wasn’t on a Monday 😂😂😂

 I like to pop my hips by doing this weird one legged crane kick thing. If I get a little too fluffy, I can’t bend just right and pop it. That’s always my, “aw fuck I’m getting too fluffy” notifier. Oddly enough, I haven’t had to pop my hips lately. I guess this is two! 🙂

My libido is all cheerful and happy to the point I heard, “My God, again?”

My migraines have chilled.

My cramps which are evil (I have a clotting thing which tends to make evil periods) have been meh. 

So, even though the weight isn’t falling off, everything is moving in the right direction

It’s a start

Well, I’m up before my family and sitting at my writing desk. It isn’t the 5 or 5:30 I had originally planned, but I’m up and sitting here and my family is still all asleep.

I’ve never been the most graceful about waking up early, but I was working at a cafe and I had to be there at 5:30 in the morning. I came to love being awake so early, before the rest of the world. Of course, once I stopped, I went right back to “Wow! Nighttime is so goddamn cool!” And, I’ve taken a bunch of 7:30 classes too. I’ve done it before. I shouldn’t use all my excuses about it being too hard or too early or I’m too tired or whatever. Because I was waiting tables while I was taking a 7:30 chemistry class and did just fine at both. Of course, this was over a decade ago and I didn’t feel so old and creaky then. 😂

So. Here I am. I know I’ve said I’d do it before, but I never followed through. I might not have been up when I was planning, but here I am. I think I need to clean off my writing desk before I can get a whole lot done, but, I think I might just work in my dirty space for now. I can clean later when the Entropy Machine begins bouncing through the house.

Now, to catch up on The Embezzling Oma and see where I need to go and what needs to be written and what to do on it. Because… I think it’s been over a month since I’ve worked on it. It’s been sitting in the same place on my kitchen counter for two weeks. And I’ve been feeling the call, but honestly, by the time the Entropy Machine is down, I just am done. So totally done.

Anyway. I’ve been neglecting things that are important to me. Writing has always been something I have needed to do. I’ve needed an outlet for the thoughts bouncing around in my head, something for the extra cycles in my brain to work on. And instead of lessening my anxiety, it’s been increasing it because I have wanted to do it, I have wanted to sit down and let these ideas in my head come out and play and I didn’t have it in me.

I wonder if my diet and eating better made it easier for me to get up earlier? Maybe. Oh, that’s going great by the way. I’m feeling better, I wouldn’t say looking better yet, but I’m definitely feeling better and it’s easier and easier to make better choices.

Anyway. I knew I needed to get a quick blog post out, but I definitely need to get some scribbling done before the Entropy Machine wakes up.

Here’s to finding time for yourself. Here’s to finding it and doing it and making it happen.

So it comes to this…


I’ve managed to gain some weight. Staying home with the kid over the dirty aired winter and I’ve gotten all fluffy. I haven’t stuck with anything long enough to make any difference and then I end up going What the hell and eating a donut. (Gluten free of course. I don’t need a barfing migraine on top of everything. Although…. a terrible barfing migraine would drop five pounds pretty quick….)

So, here we go, I’m pledging now. If I don’t lose 20 pounds by July 9, I’m going to donate $50 to Donald Trump’s campaign. That’s doable and reachable. And completely awful. And enough motivation to keep me on the straight and narrow!


I’m pretty shit at charting food, but I’m going to do it for a bit to really watch what I’m eating and pay attention to it.

So… here we go. I’ll update weekly-ish. My goal is 32.3 pounds by August 9, but that 20 pounds has been making me so crabby. 32.3 would be amazing, but 20 will significantly open up my wardrobe and resurrect a bunch of stuff that I’ve been holding on to.

I’m going to update my goal on my fitbit app to 20 pounds and keep it as that until I hit that goal, then switch it back to the 130.

The Year is Off to a Great Start

I’ve come down with a tonsil infection. It feels like slugs made of razor blades are cruising around my throat.

I’d be ok with this if my brain did some cool stuff and went all crazy feverish and came up with some cool ideas, but no.

My word count for the year so far is 290. Well, not counting these words or some journaling I just managed to lose. Sometimes, when I’m working on a project, I’ll slip it under my pillow. I stuck my notebook under my pillow last night and now I can’t find it. I’m kind of really broken right now, tbh.

Sigh. In good news though, I just pledged to revise my NaNoWriMo story. And I think I have a publishing order for my crap for this year. Now it’s just a matter of getting down to revision. I’m definitely going to release Cop Drama  I think the best part about Cop Drama is I’m going to have the classic romance novel cover. Which will be fun. I’m looking forward to playing with ideas with my cover designer.

Maybe the reason I’m not coming up with new story ideas is that I need to get through this revising. I need to start releasing more of these stories out to the world. If this is what I want to do and be, I should do and be it. But of course, that will depend on my throat being covered with razor blade slugs. Anyway. Some rambles and updates and the A Cops Wife excerpt.