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Truth Bombs

Recently, I told a friend to pull a title from Amazon. I read their book and was a little o_0 over it. The title was pulled and I was both relieved and felt terrible.

My critique partner and I were talking over breakfast the other morning and LuLo came up. It was my first real effort at a novel worth publishing and it did not go through a very stringent vetting process. The ladies in my moms group, who I love and adore, were much too nice about my book and well, it sucked. Like a lot. So, I pulled it. There are so many reasons why it sucked, which I can go into at length, if you’d like, but… Anyway. My critique partner was still much too kind about it and didn’t come out and say it, but I kind of wish she would have.

It’s nice to hear your story is fun. It’s nice to hear it’s well written. But if that’s not true, you are doing the writer a disservice. High five for the cold, hard truth.

The more writing I’m doing, the more work I’m putting into it, the more I want to hear honest critiques. I don’t want to hear it’s good if it’s dog shit. I think I’m coming to a new place in my writing, where I’m feeling brave. Where I can send out queries. Where I can get the feedback I need. I’ve been doing more research on the Dunning-Kruger effect. I think I’m getting better at this and I can judge my own abilities better. Or maybe I’m still as hopelessly hopeless as I was before ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We report. You decide. heh. or something.

In any case, I feel like I’m taking steps forward. I don’t feel as scared. I’ve written some really terrible stories. And that was that. Nothing bad happened. As far as I know. But, I don’t feel so frightened of sending my books out into the world. I’ve been working through my revision block. And now, this. Things are moving forward and I’m feeling like a new, stronger, braver person.


My goodness. I was working through this revision of a Defiant Canary chapter and I just realized I’d flipped PoV midway through. I don’t even know how it happened, but I think it’s the sign that it’s time to take a break.

So, with that, it’s time to put the revision away for right now. Well, after I finish fixing this. 😂 Cuz let’s face it, if you realize it’s time to take a break, and you don’t, terrible decisions like Maria Reynolds show up and then it’s all a terrible pamphlet publishing war and your career is ruined.

Time for some towel chucking

Well, I’ve finally accepted I’m not going to write 60k words this month. Which is way sucky because that means my word goal for October is going to be nearly 71k.

We fly out Thursday morning. That’s ohmygodohmygodohmygod less than 36 hours. I signed up for a plotting workshop. And a writing contest. You guys wanna read a hella depressing story? Here you go. And then that moment where you look at what you entered into a contest and go, “Wow, that’s really quite rubbish.” Anyway. Impostor Syndrome? Or just cold stark reality going, WTF YOU THOUGHT THIS WAS GOOD ENOUGH TO ENTER INTO A CONTEST?!

14322538_10100591737979431_1513431989361099003_nMy friend told me I had to let one thing slide. Well, I’m letting my word goal slide. I printed out my Defiant Canary manuscript. Of all my mss, I think Defiant Canary is going to be the easiest to edit and revise and get out there. Maybe that’s me just being lazy. But, maybe it’s just the nudge I need to get things rolling again. If I can get another book out and under my belt, then all the rest of the things that need finishing (I hear you manuscript pile! stfu!) can get finished too. Here’s the first chapter to The Defiant Canary. It’s… a weird story. I definitely write for myself. It’s paranormal romance with a touch of Lovecraft horror. Anyway. It’s rad and fun and sexy and has some fun characters doing some rad stuff. 😀

So, I have a little dose of failure-itis, not going to hit my goal, but… I still have October and I have November. And I have a rad book lined up for NaNoWriMo this year. I hit 85k last NaNoWriMo and I should be able to do that again.

Oh, one last discovery. I don’t value revision as highly as I value writing. A piece of me is delving into invisible work territory. Just like women’s work is undervalued because it’s invisible, maybe revision does the same? I have a blog post banging around about invisible work in my head that has been meaning to come out and I just haven’t done it yet. Anyway. I need a way to quantify my revision work. Or at least to see that it’s making a difference. Or… something.

This is probably my last post from US shores. And I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting from Okinawa. I’ll definitely be on Insta, so follow along there for sure.

And, I’ll be looking for test readers for the Defiant Canary when I get home in October. So, if you’re interested in that, email me at tremblingtrimble at gmail . com with BETA in the subject line and how you’d like your version, either pdf or for Kindle.

Writing Update- Guess who’s going to Khazad-dûm?!

I was soundly scolded for having seven finished manuscripts (maybe more actually, I have a hell of a time counting them) that need revising. I know I’ve complained about revision before and I know I’ll complain about it again, but it’s time to put my shoulder to the wheel, my nose to the grindstone, the pedal to the metal, metaphor, metaphor, metaphor.

I reread my NaNoWriMo story from last year and I absolutely loved it. I don’t think I’ve talked too much about it, but it turned all goofy all quick.


Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 9.58.35 PM
yeah, this is what the rambles in my head usually sound like. It’s a noisy place in here


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Guess Who Changed her Mind Again?!

So, I was going to totally rewrite Cop Drama and I’ve been totally dragging ass about starting working on it again. I decided to release it as a novella. I mean, I like it, of course, but I don’t love it enough to totally rewrite. I still have to rewrite the court stuff at the end, but I’m not going to do an extensive thing. The pacing is good, it’s a good story, I like their love story, but I’m just not going to do as much as I was thinking a blog post or two ago. (I blogged about this right? Or was I just thinking, “Oh, I should blog about the revision process,”?) Oh hey. I did.

Anyway. I was poking around Eloisa James’s site and I was all, “Hey. If she can write novellas, I can too.” Incidentally, I should write a review of her Desperate Duchesses series. Not that my writing is as good as hers or my books as well researched, but, it’s a good read. And it’s all written so you don’t have Game of Thrones agony/annoyance. Anyway. I’ll just release Cop Drama as a novella. I like that idea. It feels more right.

Just coming to that decision is an enormous relief. I think that was stopping me up.

This means I won’t have to do stupid layout either. I’ll just release it as an ebook. I like that idea too.

These kinds of ponderings make me goggle at the classics. How in the hell did Jane Austen write and revise Pride and Prejudice for instance? You can tell how much she loved her characters. She adored Elizabeth. And Darcy totally made her swoon.

Back to work now!


A Thought

I think I’ve been having trouble with revision because it isn’t as easily quantifiable as writing. Those numbers for writing are a big motivator for me and when I don’t have that, it’s hard for me to feel like I’ve done enough.

That said, I realized I have to do almost a full rewrite of Cop Drama. It just needs so much more than a revision. It needs— at least— two more characters and a subplot. There just isn’t enough and it needs more. Part of me is super bummed out by this. There is no way that it can be finished for an April release. So now I’m trying to decide if I push it back or if I will pull The Reluctant Veterinarian out sooner. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And I’m pretty sure this isn’t just an evasive maneuver for me. I got my daith pierced for my birthday to help with my migraines and it kind of Office Spaced me. I thought it was just the holidays being over, but I have a massive, raging case of IDGAF. My anxiety is at an all time low and I am just *shrug* whatever. I don’t think it’s that. But, whatever. I’m digging it.

In any case, my plans for Cop Drama have expanded. I think that first chapter is going to remain the same, but there is going to be a huge overhaul. I kind of dread it and I’m kind of really looking forward to it. Feels like the first day of school, actually. In any case, this is an interesting thing to work through. And I’m looking forward to just getting another title out soon.

Wading through the stack of manuscripts!

Kind of glad there aren’t any new writing projects bebopping around in my brain. I’ve been starting this revision work and I’m really enjoying it so far. There is so much here and I think I’ll be able to make some good headway.

I wrote so much of this on an iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard and now I’m working on a laptop in Scrivener. There were quite a few little formatting things to fix and adjusting and arranging to do for these manuscripts I wrote last year.

I almost can’t believe how much I managed to do on just an iPad.

Anyway. I’m feeling pretty good and I think I’ll be able to finish this revision and rewrite of Cop Drama by the end of February. Then out to test readers. Then another revision. Then all the fun post-production stuff. I guess I need to call my cover designer and start digging through cover art. I wonder if I can get this out by April? That seems like a worthy goal.

And after this, a revision and rewrite of LuLo2. That needs another 25k words too to be long enough to call a novel. Lordy. I’m guessing September?

Then The Reluctant Veterinarian. That is much more put together. It needs a bit of work, but not nearly as much as Cop Drama or LuLo2. Part of me wants to skip both of these and just go right to TRV, but I want to release LuLo3 and it doesn’t need LuLo2 to make sense or whatever, it makes a much better story with it. TRV, then LuLo3 by the end of the year? It seems like a big goal, but I think I can do it.

And as far as writing goes? Still nothing in the hopper is crying out to be written. But, I’m pretty happy with all my computing cycles going to this crap that needs to be revised. I’ll wait for the little writing urge to come to me. I know it will, it always does. It just needs a new adventure to write. And until then… I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing.