Everett stood behind the counter, bored. He’d thought working as a receptionist at an upscale salon would afford him all these chances to meet women. And it did. They just thought he was gay.

On the other hand, it did afford him a chance to dabble with his magic. His new project would hopefully teach them something. All their snooty little noses in the air. There were so many things they could learn and he was just the one to teach them.

The next group coming in was sure to be the worst. A group of women scheduled for pedicures. All walking in, drinking their lattes and cappuccinos.

They sat down and looked at the hat rack in the corner.

“I miss hats,” one of the younger women said.

“You just watch too many old movies, Vivi, and you’re in love with Cary Grant in a fedora,” one of the other younger women said.

“Well if you look at the assholes wearing fedoras now, it certainly couldn’t be because of one of them,” Vivi said.

Everett wrinkled his nose. He had a fedora. Yes, whatever happened to them was certainly their own fault and maybe they’d learn something while they were at it.

He calmed his face as best he was able and called out, “Good morning, ladies.” He added on a dashing smile, not that it would do any good. He’d already decided he hated these women.

“We have pedicure appointments for eleven,” one of the older women said. “They’ll be under Valencia.”

“But of course,” Everett said. “I’ll just let your techs know you’re here. Please take a seat. Or, if you’d like, take a look at those hats.”

With the permission to look at the hats, Vivi and the other younger women were at the hat rack.

Everett smiled and turned to go through the salon to tell their techs the women were here. But it was enough time for them to get themselves into a pretty pickle with those hats.

On his return, he was happy to see they all had hats on.

“Vivi, you can’t wear anything but the wedding veil.”

“You guys are no fun, that’s all I get to wear now,” the woman named Vivi laughed. “Judy’s got her Stetson, mom’s got her gangster fedora.” Vivi turned to one of the younger women and petted her Russian fur hat. “This looks perfect with your eyes, Celia.”

Celia smiled, then arranged the veil down Vivi’s back. “He won’t believe his eyes when you’re walking down the aisle to him.”

“Vivi, I wear this to your wedding?” the other younger woman said.

Vivi and Celia turned to the other woman wearing a hard hat. “Oh my god, Addie. Just because you have an unhealthy obsession with construction workers doesn’t mean you need to be one,” Celia snorted.

Unabashed, Addie turned to the mirror and inspected her hat giving it a jaunty angle.

“The color will clash terribly with the bridesmaid dresses,” Vivi said.

Addie laughed. “You think I can find a purple one?”

The women laughed as the nail techs came out. They hung their hats on the hat rack.

Everett called out, “Enjoy your pedicures!” He’d remind them to have a nice day as they left. Well, nice day might be a bit of a stretch. Interesting day for sure. They would all have very interesting days, he was certain of it.

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Vivi’s Story <= in progress

Celia’s Story

Addie’s Story

Dovie’s Story


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