Give Up

“I can’t walk anymore,” she said. “I’m cold and hungry and tired.”

He held her, pulling her to his chest. “This would have been hard to plan for, even at home.”

She nestled into him, her face so cold she could barely feel his shirt under her cheek. She felt so tired. So completely tired.

“Can we sleep?” she whispered.

The blizzard howled outside, the snow trickled in.

He kissed her forehead then, once, just softly. “Yes, we can sleep.”

“We aren’t going to wake up, are we?”

He shook his head. “No. But there are worse ways to go.”

“I’m sorry, we ended up here.”

“I’m just sorry we ran out of time. I’d’ve liked to get to know you, Judy.”

She laughed once. “At least we can say we slept together.”

He laughed then, holding her tighter.

“Good night, Judy.”

“Good night, Stud.”

“Steve,” he corrected softly.

“Good night, Steve.”


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