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Stud sat and waited. The last time he’d sat watch was on his stint in the Navy. And that was better than twenty years ago. But then he’d had coffee and someone to bullshit with. Now, he was tired and sore and knowing Judy was asleep in the hay called to everything within him.

Judy. How they had managed to fall in together, he wasn’t quite sure. But he was more than thankful for it. Her soft body against his chest and the way it relaxed as soon as they were together.

He was completely crazy for her. Completely entranced and more than happy to be there. If he guessed, he would think she was too. And after all the bad experiences she’d had with men, going so far to call herself J.R. Reynolds? That she trusted him seemed amazing.

Although, she did something to him too. He would just let all his feelings out to her. Something made her feel so safe, made him feel like she’d take his feelings and honor them and protect them. He’d never told anyone about how his cattle were just living out in the wild before. Letting his herd grow while saying he was going to sell the land. Letting the herd grow instead of getting rid of it the way he wanted to.

He daydreamed, about the future, about a brewery in Portland, about Judy, just waiting to be relieved by Kit. It was a long night and he was more than happy to be holding still and safe in the dark.

A gentle tap on his shoulder and he looked up to see Kit over him. “Thank you, Stud. Go rest.”

Stud was on his way to the hayloft when Boomer followed him. “No, stay.” Stud pointed to the hay where Boomer had been sleeping. Boomer followed the pointed fingers, looked at the hay, then turned back to Stud. Stud made an exasperated noise and pointed again. Boomer turned around and lay in the hay again.

“Thank you,” Kit said again softly.

Stud turned to the younger man and clapped him on the shoulder once, then was up the hayloft ladder and snuggling into Judy. That they should make such perfectly sized spoons.

A drunken happy haze filled his heart. God, he loved her. He smiled once, then wrapped an arm around her waist and was blissfully asleep.

He woke up with a raging erection and handfuls of Judy. They were still tucked together in a tight spoon, almost as though they hadn’t moved all night long.

“Good morning,” Judy said.

He immediately moved to let her go, but she said, “No, stay.”


She rolled over and said, “The sheriff is here. Kit’s out with O’Keefe.”

His first thought was that he should be there to help manage the situation, but his second thought was that they were alone in the stable.

As though she could read his thoughts, she said, “We’re all alone.”

The pulse of desire to his cock was immediate. She laughed once, then ground against him, her ass and hips everything he could have dreamed about or wanted his entire life.

“What are you suggesting?” he whispered, trying to keep any train of thought.

“Will you take me for a roll in the hay, Steve?” It was almost a purr.

He laughed, once, then buried his face in her neck, kissing the indentation between her collar bone and neck. Her head lolled to the side and he kept kissing her. They shifted slowly, the kissing continuing, until he was over her, a thigh between her legs and the sweet heat pressed down on his leg.

“I want you,” she whispered.

He growled low in his throat and kept kissing her neck and what he could reach of her shoulders. <She’s wearing a tank top and cardigan. Oh, but kit brought her a jacket. Maybe she fell asleep in it?> Everything in his heart said to protect her and worship at the altar of her love. And that is exactly what he’d do.

He nipped at her jawline under her ear and was rewarded with a low moan from deep in her chest.

She pulled at the jacket she was wearing and then he had her under him with a t shirt and cardigan. Her long lithe body was more than accessible through the knitted cardigan. Her curves were warm and inviting.

He shifted back and said, “May I?” holding the edge of her t shirt.

She sat up and pulled it off her head, laying back on the plaid blanket in a black bra.

He kissed her torso, all these magic places that were safely under the staid t shirt and cardigan. And here he was, kissing the freckles on her rib cage, just visible with the growing light from the rising sun.

There was no question in his heart what she wanted. She wanted him. She wanted this, their morning and moment together.

She pulled his mouth to hers, kissing with wet, hot kisses. But having his shirt <wtf is he wearing anyway?> in the way was maddening. He broke the kiss and leaned back on his heels, and pulled off his shirt. He was back on her, the feel of her soft skin against his chest everything he could have wanted in his life.

Her hands were over his back now, the fingernails tickling through the hair on his body, from his chest to his back. The fingernails tickled across his body, sinking into the deepest core of him until the tickling stopped and a hand was on his ass, pulling him close to her.

His jeans were restraining his cock too much, too much of a barrier between him and the wonder of her body.

“Can I…?” he whispered.

Her hands were on the button of his pants. “Yes.” His pants undone, his cock was more than eager to escape.

“I want this good for you,” he said softly.

She unbuttoned her own pants, then wriggled out of them. She unhooked her bra and then all of a sudden, she was naked before him. <He needs to play with her boobs still> “I know my body. It will be.”

He pulled off his pants. How there could possibly be enough of him to please her, he wasn’t sure. She was perfect and he was only a middling human.

The chill to the air raced along his back and ass as he fell forward, covering her body with his, doing at least something to protect her from the cold.

His cock nestled along the crease between her curls and thigh. His mouth fell on her right nipple, taking it into his mouth and kissing it. Her hands were on his back and combing through his hair. The tickle of her fingernails on his scalp and shoulder urged him on.

He kissed between the breasts and took the left in his mouth, a heavy hand along her side, from her hips to cupping the right.

Everything within him wanted to protect and serve her. Anything he could do was not going to be enough. Her pleasure, her safety, anything.

“Oh, Steve,” she whispered.

The prickle of pride bloomed in his heart. Her eyes were closed and her head lolled back. She wanted him and just him. Now and in the hay.

Her leg hitched around his ass, pulling him in tighter. A momentary worry about condoms and safe sex and all of that flashed through his mind.

And, as he could have expected, she said, “I can’t get pregnant and… I trust you.” She knew his mind, she could see his feelings. He almost didn’t even have to tell her, but he could because it was so freeing. His heart was nearly overflowing.

He pulled back and his cock found its home. The warm, welcoming home of Judy.

At his penetration, her body seemed to contract and stretch at the same time, a languorous movement from her head to her feet.

He dropped his mouth to her neck again and started kissing, soft nibbling kisses trailing up and down her shoulder.

The leg around his ass was joined by the other, her ankles locked around him.

His kisses moved up to her mouth and her arms were around his neck, holding him to her, one hand in the back of his hair at the top of his neck.

He adored this woman. Anything she wanted, it would be his solemn duty to fulfill. Her pleasure now, her happiness, anything. The sudden understanding and direction to his life was an unexpected blessing.

He leaned back on his heels and her legs came apart. He surveyed the magic before him, the way her eyes were closed and the almost grimace on her mouth.

One hand snaked forward around his hip and the other started touching herself.

Her almost grimace neared a pout.

He held her hips, holding her close and angling her hips, the luxurious texture of her, intoxicating him and singing a siren song he’d never heard before. Calling him closer, but instead of drowning in an unfriendly sea, he’d be reaching enlightenment.

Her body tensed, the edge of her pleasure was creeping up on her. He cupped her breast and the rough thumb caressed the nipple as it tightened. He breath came out in a long, low susurration, ending in a moan. The flutters of her muscles around his cock pulled him into her soul, coaxed him from his body to hers, content to live there all his days. Safe and warm and accepted. With that acceptance, his body relaxed and released into her.

He dropped his head to her collarbone, the clean, empty feeling in his soul was the freshness of an oak leaf unfurling in the sun. Clean and fresh and with limitless potential.

He turned his head and kissed the skin under his mouth.

She groaned and stroked a hand along his hair. The wriggle of the relaxation of her body went through him.

“Oh my ass is gonna hurt today,” she whispered. “Been a long time since I’ve been on a horse.” Then she giggled, an embarrassed drunken giggle of a laugh.

But her hands kept tracing over his back and head and shoulders, warm and safe and home. And it was absurd how much the feeling of homecoming should wash over him. They were over a hundred years in the past and quite likely stuck there. And that he should feel so safe with her was almost a miracle.

He kissed her collarbone again, unable to find the words to describe how he felt, the depth of the feelings in his belly.

“I’m starving, Stud,” she said finally. She kept tickling her fingers along his back and shoulders, but the grumble from her belly was enough to stop her.

With one last kiss, he sat up and turned away from her, trying to still the emotions in his soul. He loved her. He was completely certain of it. And now he couldn’t say it. He couldn’t let that out yet. It was too soon. It was so many things.

And now here they were after a literal roll in the hay and he was choking with emotion. He loved her and there was no way she would feel the same way for him. No way she could feel the same thing for him. Sure, he was relative safety here, but that wasn’t enough reason for her to love him.

He handed articles of her clothing back to her, one piece at a time as he pulled on his own.

She started talking and chirping in the early morning light, happy and loose and open. Despite the hard day in the saddle yesterday, she was standing and stretching her legs and hips, then pulled her jeans back on.

“How do you feel?” he asked after watching her.

A sparkle of laughter was in her eyes, but she said, “I’ll be feeling it for a few more days.”

He couldn’t bring himself to ask what she’d be feeling, but blushed instead.

She leaned forward and kissed his cheek. “I’m glad you’re here with me.”

He couldn’t ask again. It was just too much to know if she was happy she wasn’t alone or if it was him.

But he should have known she’d see right through that. She took another step up to him, put a hand on his hip and the other on his face, turning his head for him to look at her. “You.” Her blue eyes were looking at him so intently, the open look in them as she gazed at him. She kissed his cheek again, then met his mouth with hers, her tongue in his mouth and sliding along his lip before she sucked on his bottom lip.

He stood kissing her, lost in the wonder of a woman like that, before he stepped back and said, “You’re hungry. Let’s get you food.”

She laughed once and a with a final kiss on his cheek, they were down the ladder and looking for breakfast.

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