Judy’s Story

Judy grumbled to herself getting in the car. She’d promised her aunt a ride into town for Vivi and Ron’s wedding. And now it was time to go out and get her.

But Aunt Helena was so excited to come for the wedding. Judy couldn’t say no. And the drive through the mountains to her house in Echo was so beautiful. Some ranch land, some cows, maybe elk. Just beautiful.

Judy sat in her car and started it, then pulled along to the highway. At the stoplight, she plugged her phone in and nothing happened. It was below fifty percent. She’d have to pick up a new charger when she got gas at the top of Parley’s Canyon. There was more than enough traffic along I-80 that if she had car trouble, someone would be able to help her if her car broke down.

She fretted. It was just the kind of thing to happen on a day like today. But she was more than equipped to make it up the canyon.

The drive up the canyon did a lot to raise her spirits. She along to the radio, happy with the grumble of the engine. Her old Jimmy was past its prime, but it was such a fun truck to drive. Helena would complain about riding in the truck, but for a drive like this, she wanted to be up high. Her little Mini Cooper wasn’t fun for driving up the canyon. It wasn’t high enough to see the other cars.

And Roscoe was nearing the end of his venerable life. He was into the mechanic for checkups often enough. Judy wasn’t stupid. She took care of the Jimmy and wasn’t going to let him strand her somewhere.

So the rumble of the truck relaxed her and the new sound system and the crack in the window raised her spirits. Everything was perfect.

Up the canyon and over Parley’s Summit, she pulled into the gas station. She filled up at the pump, then was back in the car, eager to continue on her journey.

She was almost to the freeway onramp when she realized she’d forgotten her charger. She tapped the steering wheel twice and

Go Back for a New Charger

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