Say his name

Judy snapped her fingers, then said, “Stud Marlowe.”

“Bill O’Keefe.” He poked at his stew hanging over the fire and said, “So you folks passing through?”

“We got a bit lost, to be honest,” Stud said.

Judy nodded.

Before Judy could do anything, O’Keefe pulled the rifle from leaning next to the fireplace.

“I don’t need any Marlowes around here. And I won’t have any Marlowes here.”

He pointed the shotgun at Stud and pulled the trigger. Judy screamed as Stud crumpled to the floor.

She jumped and flew at him, trying to do anything she could to attack O’Keefe, but he cocked his shotgun and before she could get any closer, he pulled the trigger.

As her vision faded to black, the realization that one little cellphone charger could have stopped this all from happening.

Now, she’d never need a cellphone charger again.


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