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Snatched From The Jaws of Defeat!!

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Well well. I managed to do it. Almost, heh. Well, I will do it tomorrow.

The hubband has been out a lot lately and I’ve had a hell of a time keeping up the writing with him gone.

I was going to throw in the towel because it was too much to catch up. That was just too hard.

But my story has been whispering, “Hey. Write me. You can still hit 500k for the year as long as you write ~2k words a day. Doesn’t matter if you hit your stretch goal for the month because you just need ~2k today.”

I’m almost there. I’m going to hit the hay in a minute, but goddamn, it feels so good to be hitting 50k this month. Especially when it looked like I wouldn’t.

Something about a story finally firing on all cylinders and that moment of, “*gasp* I think [redacted] is going to die! But I love him. Oh, no! I love him!” and the sheer doggedness to get this story out. And the goal to have 4 stories written this year. (Aside. How many stories have I written this year?! I’m not even sure now. No, like legit, wtf have I written? Several half-cooked/finished stories and The Defiant Canary. At least I’ve accomplished something, heh. I feel like there was something else. No, maybe this is right.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.54.28 PMAnyway. I have my plan for NaNoWriMo for this year. I sent my friend the first part I wrote a few years ago. I had characters and a hook, but no plot. A few days ago a random plot dropped into my head from a plot faerie and I was, “Why, hello plot. I’d like to introduce you to my dear friends, character and hook.”

I’m getting super excited for November now.

My favorite thing with romance novels is I have the destination and some major wayposts. Fall in love. Break up. Get back together. Have some smashing hot sex along the way. But how they do those things… I have no idea. My notebook is full of story ideas and hooks and “Well, why do they break up?” I have no idea how things will happen. Sometimes my little darlings surprise me. And generally, I let them. I just follow them around and write down their exploits. Somehow, it makes me feel better to say they are the ones doing it. Not me. I don’t do mean, horrible things to people. But my characters? Some of them are fucking assholes. 😂

Anyway. Enough rambles for tonight. I’m just super excited about meeting my goal. Well, almost meeting it. Being caught up enough that I can pretty positively say I’ll hit it tomorrow. Here’s to scribbling and here’s to perseverance and here’s to just fucking doing it.

In other news, anyone know where I can find a gluten-free black and white cookie in Salt Lake?

New Scribble Goals!!

SO….. my goals I had posted at the beginning of the year haven’t really stuck. My goal to read a book a week has not been successful. Probably because I’ve been reading through the Outlander series and each book is about the size of a Bible. That and I tend to read a bunch of stuff at the same time, so I’m halfway through a couple other things right now as well.

Writing goals… well, they’ve languished a bit as well. I had been writing on my iPad with a keyboard, then there was a green tea incident and then a kombucha incident and well, let’s just say the keyboard never fully recovered. I had another bluetooth keyboard, but it was not nearly as good as the other and the time had come to get a laptop and I’d been putting that off and blah blah blah.

Anyway. I have a new MacBook Pro and it’s delightful. I have a keyboard cover and I’ve been very very careful about any drinks around it. The mother in Just For Kicks is named Sylvie and she’s all WASP tiger mother. I named the laptop Sylvie. (I have a thing for naming inanimate objects. Well, animate objects, too. The ficus on my desk is named Bigus Figus a la The Life of Brian.)

This is motivating. Right?!
This is motivating. Right?!

Anyway. I’ve signed up for the upcoming Camp NaNoWriMo. My goal is 65k words. Which, I’ve done before. I wrote Cop Drama for last year’s July Camp.

It feels good to have a goal like that set up. I’ve been pretty slackadaisacal with the actual writing lately. Sure, I’ve been editing and revising the dickens out of Just For Kicks but as far as the raw writing goes… little to none.

I’m going to be working on the fourth installment of LuLo. I know it’s a bit presumptuous to assume anyone would want to read more of their madcap exploits, but, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I write for me and I like to read about them. Well, except for Just For Kicks. I am so fucking tired of going through that manuscript I could spit.

I think my prize for winning this upcoming NaNoWrimo is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while. I’m going to go take pictures of places in my books. And I know, I know, they aren’t even out yet, but I think my beta readers would get a kick out of seeing where things happened. I love seeing that kind of stuff for other books. Although, that might just be because I’m a huge nerd. God, you shoulda seen me in Philadelphia a few years ago. I had a marvelous time. And my idea of mega-fun is driving down the East Coast and checking out Revolutionary War sights or going on a Laura Ingalls Wilder road trip. And since I’ve been reading Outlander, I’m itching to get overseas and explore Scotland.

Anyway. Camp starts on Wednesday and I’m just tickled to begin. I’ve been scribbling down notes. I’ve got my conflict. I need some motivation behind the conflict, but I have an inkling. At least I know the bones are there. All I have to do is fill in the rest and I am just excited to do it.

One Step Closer

I think I’ve gone through more drafts for the copy on the back of the book than drafts for the book itself. I don’t know why it’s been such a scary, stressful thing for me to do. But… I think it’s there. It’s going to need some work, but the foundation is laid.

One step closer!! I’m so excited I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep. I’m such an enormous dork about the goofiest stuff.

Anyway. I wanted to follow up since I said it was today’s goal. I feel like I’ve met it, although it’s not finished. I’ve got the bones now!!