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Little Kid me Would be so Jealous Right Now

When I was a kid, I devoured books. I just couldn’t get enough of them. I loved getting into an author’s head and universe and having an adventure.

I’ve been critiquing a friend’s novel and I think the younger me would have just shit her pants at the privilege. Playing in another author’s world and pointing out flaws or the raddest shit ever and actively helping make a book better? It’s just amazing. I am transported to being a kid and reading Stephen King for the first time. It’s that level of amazement I feel sometimes as I’m critiquing. It’s seeing the world a new way. It’s fun and delightful.

I tend to be a very curious person and ask so many questions. My kid hates it when we’re at the zoo and the keepers are out because I just love to learn so much. “Mom, c’mon!” *hand tug, hand tug* 😀 But being in a dialogue with authors is so much fun. Every question I have, everything that doesn’t make sense, I ask my questions and find out. I like my certainty. And even if something is ambiguous in the story, I’ll ask my little questions and find out.

Anyway. I was making a cup of chai before getting back to my writing session and I realized how rad this all was. I hope your day is just as rad.

NaNoWriMo Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I won the 50k part on the 14th. I won the 100k hopefully later today. I’m 1,913 words out from hitting it. Should be easy… supposing I figure out what project I want to work on next.

I finished My Pet Void. I’m sure I’ll realize all kinds of things need to be added in revision, but now? Now I’m all Aaack! I’m short for hitting 100k.

I have a few projects I still need to finish up. And I have so much revision work that it’s not even funny. But the strangest thing of all, there’s nothing really in the hopper for potential stories. Nothing there crying out to be written, nothing that just needs to come out.

Which was part of the hardest part of this 100k challenge. I have not been so kind to myself. I’ve gotten a little fluffy, more than I can attribute to thanksgiving and all that. I haven’t been walking my dogs nearly enough, the Entropy Machine has been watching so much television. Enough that I have opinions about Blue’s Clues and that Joe is creepier than Steve and that Steve would make the most annoying husband ever. “Hun, you see my keys?” “On the counter by the door.” “On the freeway to Lahore?” *looks genuinely confused*

Anyway. But, oddly enough, My Pet Void was a little heavier than I originally intended and I have not been so good about practicing self-care. So, now that I’m almost done with the month and this project, I’ve been getting up early again and I’ve been going back to my slow carb thing. This is my second morning up early and I’m a little tired, but I’m feeling okay. Maybe procrastinating a little at getting working at 100k, but I’ve been neglecting this too.

On the upside, the app Sleep Cycle is pretty rad. And it wakes you up when you’re the most awake, so it makes it too hard to fall back asleep in the middle of a snooze cycle. That and Forest have helped me stay on the straight and narrow when it comes to my phone in bed.

But, I’m done rambling. It’s time to get on with the day and on with my 100k. I’m looking forward to being finished. I can’t even tell you how fried I am. But it was an excellent test/stretch my capabilities adventure. This NaNo has been great for networking and meeting some new writer friends. Hard not to feel a little isolated when you’re living in your head so much. Anyway. Back to 100k.

A Kick of Inspiration Right to the Pants

I’m at my local chapter of the RWA’s conference. I’m laying in bed, skipping the afterparty because I’m still jet lagged and my brain is so goddamn full from all the wonderfulness.

Sometimes I need to hear the stats on success in publishing. That it is a war of attrition. The 9/10 people want to write a book but only one out of those nine will do it. I mean, it’s going to be a grind. You will hit discoverability (sometimes, maybe, hopefully) between ten and twenty titles. After releasing LuLo, and knowing all the blood, sweat and tears that went into that thing, sometimes I don’t know if it’s worth it. Then again, I’ve been taking workshops and I’ve been learning ways to make things, if not at easier, at least faster. And I think the quality of the books I’m writing is higher. Not judging by this blog post of course 😉

Anyway. It’s hard to keep going. It’s hard to keep fighting. It’s good to get these little reminders. It’s good to be with other writers and people who have similar struggles and to hear their successes as well.

The first presentation is at 8:50 tomorrow. My poor frazzled brain is all, “You were on a different continent a couple days ago. WTF are you doing?! Calm your freaky ass down!” I guess it’s time to sleep. In this big hotel bed without anyone making noise or asking to go pee in the middle of the night or hungry preschoolers or snoring husbands. 🙂

Now if they could just tell me how to get excited about editing…

On Quitting

I scuttled the project I was working on last month.  Something about it was just… I dunno, boring. No boredom in the writer, no boredom in the reader, or something.

Part of me feels like a quitter, part of me feels like I am saving a bushel of energy and motivation. It would cost me so much of both to just push through and finish the project. And for what? A boring story I would never work on again? I would like to at least bring in a little something from my writing. If I start putting out boring, horrid stories, well, that’s not going to happen. 

Sometimes qutting is a fantastic thing, worthy of praise. “Hey! I quit smoking!” or “I finally got my kid to stop eating boogers!” (Hopefully someday on the second one in my case :D) I hope stopping this project is in the same vein. 

I suppose this is also why I didn’t finish my Camp NaNoWriMo last month. It’s hard enough finding time to play in the sandbox in my mind. It’s doubly hard when I’m not completely enamored with my project. Perhaps this goes back to the enthusiasm post about The Pearl Fishers

In any case, I just put the notebook I had been writing my story in away in the basement. I think I’m going to type my next project. Well, I’m not sure yet. It’s one of the things I’m playing with. I just got my nails done and when I write a lot, I get a huge callus on my finger and it bends my nail and it makes my shellac lift. Ha ha, I have the dorkiest considerations.  

worth a messed up mani? I’m not sure

I’m picking up the pieces of a new project. Figuring out names, the arc is there, but all the particulars need filling. In any case, I’m super excited about it. I got up this morning to go to the bathroom and had a thought, so I raced out to the wordmonkey desk and I sat down to scribble, then remembered I still had to pee. I didn’t have that kind of enthusiasm and passion while I was working on last month’s project. Hopefully, that carries over into my writing this month. 

I’m feeling it. There are arguments to be made whether or not a romance novel deserves this kind of passion, and I’ll get to them, but for now, I’m feeling pretty content and happy just having this story brewingin my belly.