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New Habits

This early morning thing is working. It isn’t even 7:30 and I got my 2k words in.

Well, it wasn’t 7:30 when I wrote that first line. A small, pink pajamaed person came and jumped on me.

I’ve been up early the last few days and it’s getting easier. It’s nice to have that 2k words in. Now, I can think about it through the day and plan what comes next. I generally have an idea of where and how the story will go, the big picture, but I don’t do any sort of JK Rowling plotting and planning.

Yoinked from Open Culture

No. I can understand the need for this level of plotting and planning, but god, no thanks. I like to follow the story where it leads me.

Anyway, I enjoy thinking about the story over the course of the day, toying with what I’ve written and where it’s going and where things will go tomorrow and if I need to sit down and type more.

I’ve also been reading The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. First thing when I wake up, I’ll drink the ice water in my Klean Kanteen, then wander into the kitchen and eat a hardboiled egg. Then drink some coffee at my desk with a splash of heavy cream and heavy on the cinnamon. The morning routine is helping. I’ve also programmed the coffee maker to brew some coffee at 5. Honestly, that has gotten me out of bed more than one morning. “Well, I set the coffee maker. I don’t want to drink stale coffee later. Might as well just get out of bed and do my scribbling.” So, it’s helping.

Plus, I bought a little deskcycle and I sit and pedal while I write, then when I’ve pedaled about an hour, I curl up and rest my little feet on it. I don’t know what’s helping me the most, the eating or the hacks (that 4-hour book is like hack central) or the cycling or the My Fitness Pal, but it’s all clicking and I’m feeling so good and being so productive.

I think Kurt Vonnegut had it right. Four hours (what is it with four hours?!) is about the right time to devote to writing. I spent about two hours writing this morning, some time on bookkeeping (have I mentioned I’ve fallen down the bujo rabbit hole?) and bills and shit and then some time cuddling my kid. If I can maintain this schedule, two hours of writing in the morning and then two hours of editing later in the day, this is going to be totally achievable. That’s a good feeling. That’s a great realization. I can be a writer. AND I can make it career.

And before anyone says anything, yes, the Entropy Machine has been watching Zootopia and Try Everything is constantly in my head.